ZEPHYR EXTRA & LNWI - NORMALLY $304, Saturday Evening 6-9 PM ONLY $222.22

We have been an Authorized Digitrax Dealer since we first entered the DCC business in 2011, or so. It was then that we reviewed the many major DCC System manufacturers available at that time. Among those reviewed, it appeared to us that the Digitrax line of equipment, support and availability for future expansion without having to abandon all your basic starter equipment was our best choice, - a choice that we have never regretted.

Although not the only brand of DCC equipment and supplies in our inventory, the Digitrax line form the base of our DCC line. We are also an Authorized dealer of the Train Control System (TCS) line of decoders and support systems. While we do carry a few items from other DCC manufacturers, the Digitrax and TCS lines form the core of our knowledge and experience in the DCC arena.

In the past several years the Digitrax staff has significantly improved not only their equipment offerings, but their support services, as well. Not just for dealers, but for any Digitrax user, this service provides a welcome level of personalized support in a number of technical and non-technical areas alike.

The recent unveiling of the NEW 'Evolution Series' of Command Stations, Boosters and associated hardware have raised the level of quality, user friendliness, and technological advances around the globe. Last year's August announcement of the LNWI (Loconet Wireless Interface) Module has taken the world of DCC operations to a new level, allowing a user to operate and control their trains with 'smart phones' or 'tablets' WITHOUT the use of a computer for the first time. Our initial demonstration of this module last September at the local CMRC sponsored Train Show at the Fairgrounds, proved to be a SUPER initial offering, which has continued ever since. The simple installation of this module to any Loconet connection initiates the automatic generation of a local wireless network which can be used with the installation of a free download of either an App for the Droid based system phones, called 'Engine Driver', or for the iPhone based system, called 'WiThrottle' Lite (a more complete version is offerred at a modest price). While not providing any programming capabilities, these apps allow the user to control their designated trains with many functions (bells, horns, lightiing, etc.) without computer hookups. A total of 4 users can operate from a single LNWI, with up to 8 LNWIs on the same Loconet network providing up to 32 users with complete train control at the same time for a cost of $79.00.

We also stock a variety of BLI Address Changers, DCC Specialties equipment, ACCU-lITES board adapters, and others. An inventory averaging 50 to 100 decoders from a variety of manufacturers completes our line of stocked support for our DCC User base.

A 'Try as you Buy' program allows for a purchaser to see and hear thier purchase before leaving the store, with free programming of assigned road number at the time of purchase with no charge. Optional programming services are also available at a resonable cost, as are custom length Loconet cables at any specified length. We maintain a large spool of the required 6 pin flat cable with fully tested connectors attached for whatever length your railroad requires for pickup in a day or so.

We attempt to maintain a wide variety of Command Stations of different capabilities, boosters, adapter boards, support supplies, speakers, speaker enclosures, decoder wire, and any related tools that you may require to support your personal upgrade tasks of upgrading locomotives to a DCC state. With a stock of quality Solder Stations, Irons, Flux, Solder, Unsoldering braid, and a wide variety of wire sizes in stock, chances are that we have all you would need to complete any DCC ralated upgrade, repair, etc.

Be sure to ask us for any support materials you may wish to locate. If we do not have it in stock by chance, we can likely have it within the same week.

Make ARCY DVD & HOBBY your personal DCC Headquarters.

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